The Less Honored Tennis Players

A person hitting a ball with a racket

Another year of tennis will terminate with the US Open, marking some significant advancements and several disappointing results. Roger Federer is out again to add another feather to his cap. The only person who seemed to be capable of beating him was his bigger clay-court rival, Rafael Nadal. But the Spaniard, this time was ousted even before he could reach the level to play Federer. Earn money while supporting your favorite players by playing simple and interactive betting games at UFABET168.

However, Djokovic, who is challenging the Swiss master for the title, is a promising contender for sure. There is still a lot to be exposed of him, which is coming in the near future. But lets, for now talk about those who have been around for quite a while, have played impressive tennis but somehow fail at major events.

Its Andy Roddick, the one guy who, besides his world-celebrated serve, plays beautiful forehand and backhand shots, has the power of a horse while he’s running and is confident enough to raise himself to the top. But Roddick goes down to Federer each time they meet, since the historical match the two played in Montreal.

He probably wins a few small tournaments but there has been no Roddick to claim a Grand Slam title using his best tennis racquet. He has been close, a few times, but Federer who outshines him in all finals, and this time in the quarterfinal.

Watching him play at the Flushing Meadows this season I was convinced he could beat Federer with his near-perfect game. But yet again, Federer proved to be too good for him. Makes me wonder, if Federer has a better play or just better luck.

Similarly, in Women’s tennis Sharapova plays the Roddick. Too many years of great action but too few titles to honor it. They do receive some honor in their millions-worthy endorsements but the real honor only comes by excelling at something you are known for.

Besides that Sharapova and Roddick have more in common. They are both the most terrific servers, both hit fantastic ground-strokes, both have been in the top rankings for quite a while but could not manage to hold the no. 1 slot for long and well, both of them, make much noise while playing.

With all those qualities(The last one can be overlooked), watching such good players hanging on the tennis courts for so long, I hope to see some progression in their status, probably some big titles before physical problems get the better of them and they call it quits.

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